We are a non-profit making organisation with charitable status. We have developed the only network of professional centres for assessment, teaching and training for overcoming dyslexia across the UK.

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Our goal is to ensure that all dyslexic people – children and adults – are educated and can help themselves by:

Dyslexia Facts

About 10% of the population have some form of dyslexia. About 4% are severely dyslexic, including some 375,000 schoolchildren.

Dyslexia causes difficulties in learning to read, write and spell.

Short-term memory, mathematics, concentration, personal organisation and sequencing may be affected.

Dyslexia is biological in origin and tends to run in families, but environmental factors may also contribute to it.

Dyslexia affects all kinds of people regardless of intelligence, race or social class.

The effects of dyslexia can largely be overcome by skilled specialist teaching and the use of compensatory strategies.

The earlier the intervention the better the outcome.